ARMANNI Lift Truck Manuals PDF

Armanni CP LIGHT evo 030 Forklift Truck Operator's Manual PDF
Armanni CP LIGHT evo 030 Forklift Truck Operator's Manual PDF
Armanni CP LIGHT evo 030 Forklift Truck
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Armanni Lift Truck catalog
Armanni Lift Truck catalog
Armanni Lift Truck catalog.pdf
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Armanni Stacker
Armanni Speedy Light Evo

Armanni Lift Trucks History

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Armanni's company specializes in the development, production and sale of warehouse equipment (stackers, pallet transporters, barrel wrappers, etc.).


Ability to combine functionality and projects. Direct control of the whole production cycle, from project research, to structural work, to customer service. Ready-made solutions to meet the increasingly complex requirements of the warehouse equipment market are the main principles of ARMANNI.


Armanni, during its work, which is a little more than 25 years old, has managed to become a top-class professional in the field of lifting equipment for the warehouse, and in particular for the production of warehouse stackers that can move in narrow aisles of the warehouse, requiring the utmost precision with simultaneously high performance cargo handling.

The team of Armanni employees bases its competitiveness on the factors that appear in accordance with the latest trends in modern industry: development and planning, taking into account all the needs and characteristics of the client.


Solutions of the tasks set, always at a guaranteed high and quality level, adding to the project of own developments already existing for the client.


ARMANNI stackers and warehouse equipment have undeniable leadership and all the advantages of "friendly technology", that is, ergonomics, rationality, control and ease of maintenance.


In Albino, in the industrial heart of Lombardy, the plant of ARMANNI is located, which occupies an area of 8000 m2.


Armanni team produces a wide range of models for every need of the most demanding customer.

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