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Gros CQDR Electric Stacker Operator's Manual
Gros CQDR Electric Stacker Operator's Manual
GROS CQDR Electric Stacker Operator's Ma
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Gros Electric Forklift 1-3 ton Operator's Manual
Gros Electric Forklift 1-3 ton Operator's Manual
Gros Electric Forklift 1-3 ton Operator'
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Gros Forklift Trucks History

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GROS is a manufacturer of warehouse equipment, ranking first in terms of sales in China’s home market and eighth in the world market.


Although the brand appeared in 2006, loaders were manufactured at Anhui Heli Co., Ltd. about 60 years, using the world's leading technology - including those for which the Japanese TCM machines are created.


GROS machines can be equipped with a warehouse of any size - from small to very large.


In the production of warehouse equipment, GROS uses the best components, including NISSAN, MITSUBISHI and ISUZU parts, and the company develops gearboxes, counterweights and bridges independently.


The best steel and plastic grades are used, the machines are repeatedly tested, and the manufacturer pays special attention to ensuring the safety of the operator.


Almost 60 years on the market of forklift trucks, work on innovative Japanese technologies and top places in all ratings is a guarantee of reliability and quality.


Warehouse equipment meets the international quality requirements of ISO 9001, as well as the CE safety requirements, it is produced in the most extensive model range (with a lifting capacity of up to 45 tons!), but it has reasonable prices. It attracts users all over the world.


Under the brand GROS produced:


- electric trucks up to 5 tons;

- forklift trucks up to 45 tons;

- hydraulic trolleys up to 5 tons;

- stackers with lifting heights up to 5.8 m and manual stackers up to 3 m;

- erect and sessile reach trucks with a lifting height of up to 12 m;

- pallet carriers up to 3 tons;

- platform trucks and tractors in stock.

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