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RAYMOND Forklift Error Codes DTC

RAYMOND Forklift Truck Error Codes list


C14 - Arm Angle Reference Warning


C19 - Default Parameter Warning


C20 - Thumb Control Warning


C23 - Master Control ON / OFF Switch Warning


E101 - Power Amplifier Doesn't Correspond with the Type of Truck


E104 - Brake Output Error


E106 - Digital Output or Field Overcurrent


E107 - Contactor Off


E108 - Contactor Welded or Missing


E110 - Braking System Fault


E112 - Arm Angle Sequence Fault


E114 - Traction Motor Speed Fault

E140 - Checksum Error


E141 - Software Problem


E142 - Power Amplifier Disable Error


E150 - Drive Communication Error


E151 - Drive Communication Tx Error


E157 - CAN-bus Off Error


E159 - Over Run Error


E160 - Error In Reversing Circuit


E161 - Lower Valve Error


E200 - Field Open


E201 - M-Error


E202 - Power Amplifier Sensor Error


E214 - Power Amplifier CAN Time-out

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