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Genie GTH Maintenance Manual
Genie GTH Maintenance Manual
Genie GTH Maintenance Manual.pdf
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Genie GTH Service Manual
Genie GTH Service Manual
Genie GTH Service Manual.pdf
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Genie GTH-3007
Genie GTH-5519 Telehandler

Genie History

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Genie Industries is an American manufacturer of lifting equipment, founded in 1966. The company's headquarters is located in Redmond, Washington, USA.


The history of Genie Industries began in 1966 with the production of Genie winches for lifting building material, and later the company began to design and manufacture various lifts.


The Genie brand produces world-famous lifting equipment.



Also representative offices are located in the British territory and in other European countries.


The Genie Hoist, a portable pneumatic hoist, was first released under this brand in the mid-1960s.


Among other similar equipment with small dimensions, the new model turned out to be very popular and in demand.


Genie is now a division of the larger Terex Corporation, one of the world's top 10 construction equipment manufacturers.


The manufacturer conducts its activities in more than seventy countries at seven different plants.


The team of employees has a total of about two thousand people.


Products of the Genie brand are assembled using high-tech equipment, high-class employees work on this.


Finished products fully meet international standards in terms of both functionality and safety.


The manufacturer constantly introduces new technologies and takes into account the needs of consumers.


The company's priority is to make equipment more economical and environmentally friendly, to improve its parameters.


Among the distinguishing features is the branded blue tint of the manufactured equipment.

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