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Schaffer Forklift Brochure
Schaffer Forklift Brochure
Schaffer Forklift Brochure.pdf
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Schaffer 4360z pallet forklift
Schaffer Forklift

Schaffer History

SCHAFFER Forklift Truck Tech Manual PDF is above the page.


Since its founding back in 1956, Schäffer had a well-thought-out corporate strategy of its work aimed at the needs of the end user, which provided such rapid development.


The focus of Schäffer's corporate strategy was initially the needs of the end user. There was no mass production, each unit of equipment was different corresponding to the requirements and needs of each user. And success came very quickly.


The company's first two production lines are front loaders and silage cutters.

In 1966 - 1973, new workshops were built, the production in which could satisfy the already high demand. Since 1970, began industrial production of forklifts.


The first construction forklift truck was sold in 1979. This supposedly insignificant event was the beginning of a new important era of the company.


Two years later, new administration buildings and a production plant with an area of 6,600 m² were opened.


The first wheel forklift was built in 1987, which could be used not only in agriculture.


In 1996, telescopic loaders opened a new area of the consumer market.


Since 1980, Schäffer Maschinenfabrik supplies the market with more and more loaders, which can be found not only in Europe, but also in all continents of the world.

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