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Terberg Kinglifter TKL-M Brochure
Terberg Kinglifter TKL-M Brochure
Kinglifter TKL-M Brochure.pdf
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Terberg Kinglifter TKL-S Forklift Truck Brochure
Terberg Kinglifter TKL-S Forklift Truck Brochure
Terberg Kinglifter TKL-S Forklift Truck
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Terberg Kinglifter TKL-MC Brochure
Terberg Kinglifter TKL-MC Brochure
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Terberg Kinglifter Forklift
Terberg Kinglifter KL

Terberg Kinglifter Forklift Trucks History

Some TERBERG KINGLIFTER Forklift Truck Tech Manuals PDF are above the page.


Terberg, whose main office is located in the Netherlands, specializes in the production of special equipment, including the Terberg-King-Lifter series of forklifts, known far beyond Europe.


Unlike other warehouse equipment, Terberg-King-Lifter forklifts have a number of advantages, among which are:


- mobility - the loader is simply mounted to the body of the tractor or dump truck, which excludes the involvement of additional equipment;


- maneuverability - the compact dimensions of the Terberg-King-Lifter forklifts make it possible to use them even in the most cramped conditions, on construction sites and in small warehouses;


- convenience - the driver is conveniently located in the cab of the forklift, his work is facilitated by adjusting the height of the seat, power steering and high-quality lighting; high performance, which provides the use of powerful diesel engines Kubota; possibility of application, both in the enclosed space, and on the open areas.


Terberg forklifts are represented by three basic models having the same power of 86.4 kW, a battery capacity of 75 Ah and a supply voltage of 12 V. The main difference lies in the dimensions of the lifts:


TKL-S are the most maneuverable loaders, which have a length of 2270 mm, a width of 1730 mm and a height of 2020 mm.


At the same time their mass is 1400 kg, and load capacity - 1500 kg. Such loaders with a minimum ground clearance of 145 mm, it is better to use on flat surfaces.


TKL-M - forklifts having a clearance of 185 mm. Their dimensions are 2270x2080x2185 mm. This allows for a total weight of 1,700 kg to lift loads weighing 2500 kg.


TKL-L are devices that can be used equally efficiently, both on asphalt and on surfaces with irregularities. The ground clearance of the loader is 250 mm. Its main dimensions are 2270х2280х2250 mm, the weight of the machine is 1900 kg, which allows lifting loads of 2500 kg.


In addition to all the characteristics considered, the fact that manufacturers are concerned not only about the technical characteristics, but also about the appearance of the devices that are made in various color models of the RAL palette, is very valuable.

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