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TCM Forklift Truck Manuals PDF

TCM F series Service Manual
TCM F series Service Manual
TCM F series Service Manual.pdf
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TCM FR7 Electric Reach Truck Training Test PDF
TCM FR7 Electric Reach Truck Training Test PDF
TCM FR7 Electric Reach Truck Training Te
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TCM 1,5-1,8 tons Spec
TCM 1,5-1,8 tons Spec
TCM 1,5-1,8 tons Spec.pdf
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TCM FD160-230 Brochure
TCM FD160-230 Brochure
TCM FD160-230 Brochure.pdf
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TCM FB 1.8-3.5 Ton Brochure
TCM FB 1.8-3.5 Ton Brochure
TCM FB 1.8-3.5 Ton Brochure.pdf
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TCM FD FG 2.5-3 Ton Brochure
TCM FD FG 2.5-3 Ton Brochure
TCM FD FG 2.5-3 Ton Brochure.pdf
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TCM Forklift Truck

TCM Forklift Trucks History

Some TCM Forklift Truck Service Manuals PDF with Wiring Diagrams are above the page.


The history of TCM Corporation began in 1947. It was then that Mr. Noboru Niwa decided to establish a company that provides services for special equipment and special equipment, which was called Niwa Maintenance Operation Co., Ltd. TC or Toyo Carrier Co., Ltd.


In 1954, the company received the name Toyo Umpanki Co., Ltd.


Having gone through the rebranding process, the company continued its successful development. In 1956, on the basis of space for the production of the company Toun Industry Co., Ltd. a plant was established in Ryuigasaki.


1957 was a key year for the company. The fact is that this year a cooperation agreement was concluded with the company Clark, which became famous throughout the world for the production of loading equipment.


The following year, the first torque converter was produced in Japan. In the same year of 1958, the first loader under the brand TCM was produced.


The year 1960 was marked by the release of the first front loader in accordance with the license of the American company Clark.


In the fall of 1961, the company decided to place its securities on several leading stock exchanges in Japan: Osaki, Tokyo and Nago. Naturally, this could not attract the interest of large companies to it. The result was that in the spring of 1965, Hitachi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., which specialized in the construction of ships, acted as the majority shareholder of Touo Umpanki Co., Ltd.


In April 1963, TCM was appointed its first foreign distributor in Australia, and two years later, after the company merged with Shiga Touo Umpanki Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in the city of Chokoji, it was decided to launch an additional enterprise, and the combined company became known as TCM.


Within two years (1968-1970), a plant was built and launched at full capacity in the territory of Shiga. This was due to the fact that the management decided to transfer orders from the company in Osaka to new capacities under conditions of a sudden increase in demand.


In the mid-1970s, the company became uncomfortable in the limited market of Japan, and it took up the development of the external. Therefore, in August 1976, the company TCM America (MIC) Inc. was founded in America. It was a joint venture of TCM, the company Mitsui & Co., as well as its subsidiary in the United States.


During the 1976-1986s, loaders were delivered to the territory of the Soviet Union, the total number of which was approximately 7,000 units, and they were intended primarily for operation by industrial enterprises.


November 1983 was happy for the company, since a large order was received from the Pentagon for 1,000 units of forklift trucks.


In 1988, a large enterprise for the production of loaders was founded, the annual output of which amounted to more than 6,000 units. Two years later, a large enterprise was established in Zaventem, Belgium, with a maximum capacity of 4,000 units per year.


The year 1992 was crowned with the receipt by TCM of the well-deserved award “For Reliability and Safety of Products” for the forklift truck, which worked without a single breakdown for 7,000 hours.


The year 1999 was marked by the conclusion of a cooperation agreement with Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. and Furukawa Metal & Machinery Co., in order to jointly produce front loaders. The company now became known as TCM Corporation.


The year 2001 entered the history of the corporation since this year a company was established under the name TCM Asia Distribution Co., Ltd. in the territory of South Asia, and after two years - the firm TCM Forklift Trading Co., Ltd. , which was engaged in the sale of equipment TCM in China.


The year 2007 was marked by the fact that TCM decided to take over the management of CIM Industrial Machinery, Inc., as well as the newly established company TCM Forklift Trucks, Inc., and in 2008 TCM (Anhui) Machinery was founded, whose mission was the production of loading equipment in China.


Now is the part of UNICARRIERS.

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