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NICHIYU Forklift Truck Error Codes DTC

NICHIYU Forklift Trucks Fault Codes DTC list


Error Message - Possible Cause - Additional Message


A01 Contactor Main. Contactor to failed.


A02 Potentio-Steering Angle. Steering Angle Potentiometr error.


B10 Fuse-Travel. Blown main fuse.


B11 Fet-Travel. Travel FET module error (impossible to identifly which side). *Fail Operation* *Turn Off Key Switch*


B12 Sensor-Current Travel. Current sensor (traction motor) error.


B13 Directional SW. Directional microswitch error.


B14. Accelerator. Accelerator potentiometr error.*Turn Off Key Switch*


*Fail CAN BUS SYSTEM* CAN-BUS transmission error.


C21 FET-HYD.Hydraulic FET module error. *Fail Operation* *Turn Off Key Switch*

C22 Sensor Current HYD. Current sensor (hydraulic motor) error.


C23. Switch-Lift. Lift level microswitch error. Switch maybe bad, or the switch №2is activated earlier than switch №1


24 Potentio-Mast. Lift height parameter error (option)


D30 Fuse-EPS. Blown EPS fuse.


D31 Sensor EPS Torque. EPS sensor error.


D32 TR-EPS Main. Transistor error in the EPS controller.*Turn Off Key Switch*


E40 TR-AOS. Transistor Error in the AOS control board (option).


E41 Potentio-HYD. Lever. Error in the encoder for lift height.


*Fail Current Travel* Abnormal current (traction motor). *Turn Off Key Switch*


*Fail Current-HYD* Abnormal current (hydraulic motor)

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    ganesh (Saturday, 24 February 2024 08:59)

    Fail CAN BUS SYSTEM* CAN-BUS transmission error

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    Matehan siam lambda co.,ltd (Friday, 09 February 2024 07:26)

    Error Codes H80,H73,H74