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LiuGong 2050h Forklift Brochure
LiuGong 2050h Forklift Brochure
LiuGong 2050h Forklift Brochure.pdf
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LiuGong CPCD30-35 Forklift Brochure
LiuGong CPCD30-35 Forklift Brochure
LiuGong CPCD30-35 Forklift Brochure.pdf
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LiuGong 2160h Forklift Brochure
LiuGong 2160h Forklift Brochure
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LiuGong 2020-2025h Forklift Brochure
LiuGong 2020-2025h Forklift Brochure
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Liugong LPG Forklift CLG2030H

LiuGong Forklift Trucks History

Some LIUGONG Forklift Truck Tech Manuals PDF are above the page.


For 60 years, LiuGong Machinery Corporation has been the industry leader in road construction equipment manufacturing in China.


Starting as the company that created the world's first front loader, LiuGong has become a fast-growing company in the world among companies engaged in the production of road-building equipment, offering a full line of reliable and intuitively controlled equipment.


LiuGong provides opportunities for its employees, reliable equipment and service to its customers, financial opportunities for investors and support to the regions where LiuGong sites are located.


1958 - LiuGong Machinery Corp. is founded in China. (Guangxi LiuGong Machinery Co. Ltd.) LiuGong is constantly ranked among the world's largest manufacturers of wheel loaders.


1966 - LiuGong launches China's first upgraded wheel loader Z435.


1987 - LiuGong introduces Caterpillar technology.


1993 - LiuGong begins trading on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


1995 - LiuGong establishes a partnership with the German gearbox component manufacturer, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, to open a joint venture.


2000 - LiuGong acquires Jiangyin Construction Machinery Co., Ltd to enter the rollers segment.


2001 - LiuGong begins production of excavators.


2003 - The company enters the segment of the production of small-sized equipment.


2004 - LiuGong enters the road construction machinery segment; opens its first overseas branch in Australia.


2006 - The volume of wheel loader production exceeds 100,000 units.


2007 - Company acquires Anhui Crane Co., Ltd. and opens a branch of LiuGong in India.

2008 - LiuGong opens branches in North America and Latin America.


2009 - Wheel loader manufacturing plant in India begins operation.


2010 - The firm establishes subsidiaries in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and South Africa.


2011 - Cummins and LiuGong announce the creation of a joint venture to produce mid-range engines.


2012 - LiuGong completes acquisition of HSW (Huta Stalowa WolaDressta in Poland, the first manufacturer of bulldozers, as a result of which LiuGong received a strategic zone of influence and access to markets in Europe.


2012 - LiuGong establishes a second joint venture with ZFZF Liuzhou Axle Co. Ltd., for the design and manufacture of bridges for the Chinese market.


2013 - LiuGong establishes a joint venture with the Wuling group to participate in the design, research and development, production and sale of sheet metal parts for process equipment, forklifts and other industrial machines, as well as cooling systems. The Polish subsidiary of LiuGong Poland acquires a factory for the production of ZZN gearboxes.


2014 - LiuGong opens a subsidiary in Hong Kong, which strengthens LiuGong's presence in overseas markets and optimizes investment management abroad.


2014 - LiuGong Group establishes a joint venture with MetsoLiuGong Metso Construction Equipment (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., which combines Metso's know-how in the field of manufacturing and crushing and screening equipment on tracked vehicles with the extensive distribution sources and production facilities of LiuGong in China.


2015 - LiuGong opens a new plant in Brazil, which becomes the third overseas factory of LiuGong and strengthens LiuGong's long-term relationship with Brazil.


2015 - LiuGong opens the World Research and Development Center in Liuzhou. Strengthening the capabilities of the Center for Research and Development is a major event. With a research and development center with world-class equipment, and a team of about 1,000 highly qualified engineers, LiuGong entered a new era in the Research and Development Center.


2016 - LiuGong launches a revolutionary new product - a vertical boom lift truck. The new technology is a big event in both the history of LiuGong and the construction machinery industry.


2017 - LiuGong opens an office in Warsaw.

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