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JLG Scissor Lift Error Codes DTC

JLG Scissor Lifts Fault Codes



Fault Message: Faulty Keyswitch

Description: Both platform and ground modes are selected simultaneously.

Check: Key switch function, Check wiring to key switch function.



Fault Message: Horn Permanently Selected

Description: The horn switch was closed during power-up in platform mode.

Check: Check if the horn is damaged, obstructed or jammed.



Fault Message: Accelerator Faulty

Description: The joystick signal is outside the acceptable range of 0.5V – 4.5V.

Check: Center joystick and check to see if a power cycle will clear DTC.



Fault Message: Function Problem – Lift Permanently Selected

Description: The ground control box lift switch was closed up or down, during power up in ground mode.


Check: Check if the lift switch is obstructed or jammed.


Fault Message: Function Problem – Brake Release Permanently Selected

Description: The manual brake release switch was closed during power-up.

Check: Check if brake release switch is obstructed or jammed.



Fault Message: Elev Angle Sensor Faulty

Description: Elevation angle sensor input voltage is outside the acceptable range of 0.10V – 4.50V.

Check: Check that the platform elevation sensor is securely mounted and undamaged, Check the elevation sensor wiring.



Fault Message: Auxiliary Circuit – Open Relay

Description: The auxiliary relay did not close when energized.

Check: Check the auxiliary relay coil and associated wiring.



Fault Message: Battery Voltage Too Low

Description: The power module momentarily measure battery voltage under 14.5V.

Check: Recharge batteries or check for damaged batteries.



Fault Message: Open Circuit Field Wiring

Description: Drive, steer, and lift prevented.

Check: The system module applied field current, but could regulate the desired current. The situation is caused by improper field wiring or a damaged motor.

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