SICHELSCHMIDT Forklift Truck Specs PDF

Sichelschmidt M925 Brochure
Sichelschmidt M925 Brochure
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Sichelschmidt ASM925 Brochure
Sichelschmidt ASM925 Brochure
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Sichelschmidt Forklift
Sichelschmidt Forklift Truck

SICHELSCHMIDT Forklift Trucks History

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The headquarters of the company Sichelschmidt GmbH for the manufacture of functional specialized floor transport, made in an explosion-proof version of the company


Sichelschmidt GmbH, founded in 1914, at this point in time is located in the city of Vetter. The company recently closed its German branches and opened two new plants - near the city of Vienna (Austria) and in the city of Vaalvik (the Netherlands).


Marketing, as well as sales of products targeted at non-European markets, are usually controlled directly by the American company Servolift LLC, plus the whole is also supported by commercial offices located in South Africa and Southeast Asia and the Middle East.


Sichelschmidt forklifts are usually equipped with two types of gears: hydrodynamic, which allows programming the characteristics of the transmission, and hydrostatic, which is a continuously variable multi-speed automatic transmission.