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Mariotti ME10-12 Spec Sheet
Mariotti ME10-12 Spec Sheet
Mariotti ME10-12 Spec Sheet.pdf
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MARIOTTI Forklift Truck Tech Manual PDF is above the page.


Mariotti forklifts are powered by electric batteries, and charging lasts exactly one shift (8 hours). All models belong to miniature warehouse storage for limited spaces.


The company's products are in demand in most European countries.


The working capacity of individual models reaches 1.3 tons; the smallest ones do not lift more than 400 kg.


A feature of the model range is three wheels - one at the back, under counter load, two at the front.


All of them are forks with two bearing masts, which does not interfere with the free fit in the standard doorway, turn in place.


Mariotti forklifts occupy minimal storage space, do not require additional garages for preventive maintenance.


This Italian company is actively developing the American market of logistics transport and has a network of distributors in the USA. In addition, there are suppliers of equipment to Mexico, Canada.


Model ME-4 has dimensions of 1.9 x 0.8 m (height, width, respectively). Power is supplied from a 24 V battery, the load can be lifted by these kids to a height of 4.3 m.


Mariotti forklifts on radius automatically slow down using Toyota's technology.


Replacing the battery is carried out at the back by one operator, the control lever is significantly reduced compared to the standard counterparts for ease of seating the driver.


On the FCB 3/13 model, the forks are 100 x 1200 x 35 mm, the holder of the FEMIIA structure is used.


With its own height of 2 m, the forklift has an installation height of 3.2 m for a load of 1.3 tons. The power is supplied from a 36-volt battery.

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