SOCMA Forklift Truck Specs PDF

Socma Forklifts Brochure
Socma Forklifts Brochure
Socma Forklifts Brochure.pdf
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Socma HNF-150 Forklift Brochure
Socma HNF-150 Forklift Brochure
Socma HNF-150 Forklift Brochure.pdf
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Socma HNF160 Forklift Truck
Socma Hnf200 20 Tons Forklift

Socma Forklift Trucks

Some SOCMA Forklift Truck Tech Manuals PDF are above the page.


Socma HNT35-4


Model: HNT35-4 Load capacity: 3.5t. Lifting height: 4350mm. The loader is used for unloading and cutting cargo in containers, as well as handling, stacking and transporting various packaged goods over short distances.


HNT35-4 is suitable for different working conditions, it is the ideal equipment for loading and reloading, lifting and transporting in the mining industry, factory, architecture, building material, dock, municipal engineering industry, etc.


JAC Socma HNF-150


Closes the top three, sold at maximum prices, the new forklift truck Jac SOCMA HNF-150. The maximum lifting height of the car is 3.5 meters.


Manufacturer equipped auto diesel power unit Cummins. The operator's cabin is glazed, there is a heating system.

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